French National Civil Aviation University(ENAC)elegation visited SJTU-SAA


On February 22, 2019, Pr. Christophe Macabiau, head of Telecom research team of the French National Civil Aviation University (ENAC), and Mr. Michel Chauvin, who is the business development manager - Asian, postgraduate studies business manager, and the international development directorate, visited the School of Aeronautics & Astronautics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prof. Xingqun Zhan, Associate Dean on International Affairs, Prof. Guoqing Wang, Dept. Of Aerospace information and control system, and Dr. Deren Gong, Director of Scientific Research Base Office attended the meeting. This visit focuses on the development of navigation and communication direction of the dual master program and scientific research projects to promote student exchanges.



This is the second time that the ENAC delegation visited us. The last time was on April 10, 2018. Two sides had reached agreement on many fields. On the basis of friendly relations between China and France and regional advantages, they explored new modes of international cooperation in scientific research and research in civil aviation and promoted cooperation between the two sides to visit Shanghai and Toulouse on the basis of the municipal level. During this visit, Mr. Chauvin expressed the hope that two sides should explore the possibility in short-term exchange programs, dual master program and scientific research cooperation based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win. He introduced the spirit of the National Civil Aviation University of France in student education and international cooperation projects. He also demonstrated the school's strong scientific research ability.



Guoqing Wang introduced the research activities related to civil aviation and related curriculum settings. Yawei Zhai introduced to the delegation the research situation and achievements of satellite navigation in our institute. Subsequently, two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the form of future cooperation projects and reached a number of consensus on education and teaching cooperation, joint educating of master's students and academic exchanges.



Two sides agreed to promote educational cooperation, such as joint master's programs and student exchanges in GNSS, aviation and other fields, as well as more in-depth and detailed exchanges on tuition fees and curriculum settings. In order to obtain the support of professors and the financial support of postgraduates, two sides will jointly seek and apply for research funds from countries, organizations, and enterprises, and will do their utmost to support the application of each other in their research projects. Both sides have made joint efforts to promote academic cooperation. Meanwhile, SJTU-SAA invited ENAC professors to attend the ICASSE International Conference in Toronto in 2019.



French National Civil Aviation University(Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile) was founded in Paris in 1949. Its site was moved to Toulouse in 1968. It belongs to the French Civil Aviation Administration (DGAC). It is the top Aviation Elite University in Europe. ENAC is the only school that trains all professionals and professionals related to civil aviation, such as engineers, air traffic controllers, electronic experts, civil aviation pilots, technicians, etc. The scope and diversity of the college's business activities are novel and unique. This uniqueness constitutes the school's resources and strength, and it is also the foundation of the school's international influence. Main professional settings: ENAC (National Academy of Civil Aviation) Engineer Course, Air Traffic Control Engineer Course, Civil Aviation Pilot, Professional Master Course, etc. Scientific research: ENAC's research activities are divided into five areas: navigation communication and surveillance system, computer-simulation, aviation economics, system engineering and applied mathematics. Foreign student reception advantages: the school has a 20 hectare campus, school teaching buildings, student dormitories, restaurants, sports and cultural facilities, and so on. To achieve the goal of internationalization, ENAC undertakes Master of Science degree training and MBA research courses jointly with Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


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