MAI-SJTU students presented their PLM projects


On December 12, 2018, MAI-SJTU students of the direction “Product Life Cycle” presented their projects in the framework of the course “Requirements management”.


The course “Requirements management” was created, taking into account specifically of aircraft engineering cases. Mikhail Belov, Deputy CEO in Russian IT holding IBS, is one of the course lecturers and developers. A project session was chosen as a practical work in the framework of the course. At the beginning of semester students were divided in three groups of 6 people each: 3 Russians, 3 Chinese. For one and a half month they prepared projects on the topics that the teachers gave them.  And time has come to protect the works.


The first team of students presented a report dedicated to development and analysis of the jetpack market and forecast of the product positions until 2030.




The second group received the topic “Air sharing companies”, which provide aircraft for 1 hour of flight. They read the entire structure of the organization, build a business model, take into account possible loses, calculate the company's budget and create an idea of their own air sharing company.




The task of the third group was an analysis of the market for all types of air transportation, from cargo airplane to wide-bodied aircraft with a forecast until 2030. Sukhoi Superjet, the Chinese aircraft C919 and the Russian-Chinese wide-body twinjet airliner CR929 aircraft fell for consideration of students.



“We have to protect the future development of each kind of aircraft according to some significant indicators such as future economy situation, population, international politics and so on. This type of work is pretty meaningful for both students who major in PLM and aircraft engineering companies,” - said Gao Xiang, student of MAI-SJTU program.


The projects were evaluated by the commission consisted of teachers and scientific specialists of MAI. During the presentations they actively asked students questions regarding the application and properties of the technologies being presented and ways to market entry of the products.



By the opinion of the commission the best project was made by the air sharing group, the jetpack team took the second place, and the team of different types of air transportation was in third place.

“The main task of the project work was to teach Russian and Chinese students to work together. Every student of the group had a responsibility for a specific set of tasks in framework of which they communicated with partners,” – said Alexander Khvan, one of the teachers of the “Requirements management” course.

The students of the first intake of MAI-SJTU Master’s degree program will complete their training in 2019 and receive double degree Russian-Chinese diploma.

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