Visit of Samara National Research University (Samara University), Russia


On the morning of 7th November of 2018, Elenev V. D., Director of the Institute of Aviation Equipment of Samara University, Russia led a delegation tovisit the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU-SAA). Mr. Jiaojie Cheng, Secretary of the CPC School Committee of SJTU-SAA; Associate Prof. Wenbin Song, Associate Dean of China- Russia Aerospace Joint School; Dr. Deren Gong, Director of Scientific Research Base Office of SJTU-SAA; Dr. Qifu Li, Director of International Affairs Office of SJTU-SAA; Dr. Yawei Zhai, Dept. of Aerospace Information and Control, SJTU-SAA; Ms. Ting Dong, International Affairs Office, SJTU-SAA. Ms. Min He, Academic Affairs Office, SJTU-SAA. Attended the meeting. The two sides have extensive exchanges on personnel training, academic research and project cooperation.

During the meeting, Cheng Jiaojie and Elenev V.D delivered remarks respectively. Both sides expressed great pleasure in creating this opportunity to hold talks, and hoped to take this opportunity to fully exchange, enhance mutual understanding and set sail for future cooperation.

Dong Ting introduced to the delegation the development process, organizational structure, personnel training, scientific research, internationalization and other work of the School, as well as the cooperation between the University of Toronto and MAI. Gong Deren introduced to the delegation the main areas of research and achievements of our institute in aerospace engineering, focusing on the research of our institute in the field of small satellites. Zhai Yawei briefed the delegation on the research and achievements of our institute in the field of navigation.

Elenev V.D. expounded the vision, facts and figures, areas of research and important research platform of Samara University, and showed a series of research achievements. The university is the most famous Aerospace University in the Soviet Union and Russia. In 2009, it was the first one to enter the "National Research University" of the Russian Federation. It has trained many world-renowned scientists and engineers, and has also provided a large number of outstanding talents for the advanced scientific and technological fields such as space science and technology and national defense industry. Samara University is also the leading university in the field of aerospace equipment and manufacturing in Russia.

Subsequently, Secretary Cheng Jiaojie and the delegation had in-depth exchanges on the forms of cooperation projects between the two universities and their superior disciplines. Finally, Song Wenbin, Vice-Dean of the China- Russia Aerospace Joint School, explained to the delegation the forms and contents of the project between our institute and MAI which could be used for reference in the future development of projects between the two sides.

The University of Samara is one of the top 15 universities in Russia. According to QS recently released the ranking of BRICS universities in 2018, the University ranked 93rd.

Since its establishment, The University of Samara has been famous for its excellent engineering education and unique training method, the so-called Russian engineering education system. With its strong teaching staff, the University of Samara has become a prestigious university in the former Soviet Union and Russia to train aerospace talents.  The school has about 16,000 students and 2,000 employees, including 9 departments of aircraft, aircraft engines, air traffic engineering, engineering technology, radio technology, information, economy and management, basic science, distance education, energy and transportation, continuing education, printing and other three colleges, machine acoustics, aircraft structure, air space. There are 7 research institutes including instrument manufacturing, quality technology and problems, innovative manufacturing technology, system design, information system, etc. Samara University mainly trains talents in the fields of aerospace, aviation, radio, metallurgy, automobile, information and communication. It has trained more than 50,000 excellent talents for the Soviet Union and Russia, and has made outstanding contributions to national defense research and civil production.

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