SJTU-SAA International Students Won Outstanding Achievements


On 28th April 2018, SJTU the first International Students Competition on Chinese Culture and SJTU International Ambassadors Award Ceremony were held in lecture hall of Guangbiao Building. These two events were organized by the SJTU Global Affairs Division, co-organized by the Humanities Institute and the International Elite Committee. The international students of SJTU-SAA actively participated in and finally obtained outstanding achievements.

The Competition of Chinese Culture was officially started on 28th March. After one month’s competition, 8 teams of 24 students reached the final. The Malaysian student Li Chengwei, an undergraduate student of SJTU-SAA, got the Winning Award and Outstanding Talent Award.

For the activity of International Ambassadors, over 15 countries and 35 teams including America, Malaysia, Italy and Russia took part in it. The Russian student Ejen Gurev from SJTU-MAI Program won the First Prize. What’s more, Li Chengwei got the Ambassador Award.


By taking part into these two events, not only made our international students engaged more in Chinese culture, but also let the flowers of cross-culture bloom in the campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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