Students from SJTU-SAA participated in the “2018 ASRTU Sino-Russian Micro/NanoSat Student Camp”


From April 21st to April 26th, 2018, the students of Yixin Huang, Xiangyu Long, and Sunhao Chu from Smart Satellite Technology Centre of our institute represented Shanghai Jiao Tong University to participate in the “2018 ASRTU Sino-Russian Micro/NanoSat Student Camp” held in Harbin. Over 150 teachers and students from 26 Chinese and Russian universities in the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities(ASRTU) participated in the camp to discuss the latest and most advanced technologies and developments in micro/nanosat.

The first experimental launch will be carried out in 2020 or earlier. With joint development by both the Chinese and Russians, two satellites carrying Russian rocket will be launched. The two satellites, flying in formation, will be able to share data and information with each other. The observation and communication payloads, surveys of agricultural, wood and urban resources will be conducted in accordance with the plan of China-Mongolia-Russian Economic Corridor. Both sides will make efforts to cooperate with the “Belt and Road Initiative”, a national top-level initiative.

In the student camp, experts and student representatives from universities in China and Russia introduced the latest technological advances in micro/nanosat respectively in the micro/nanosat expert report and micro/nanosat student innovation practice report, and shared micro/nanosat projects development and operation experience.

During the camp, the astronaut Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov of S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia introduced the ‘RadioSkaf’ series of aerospace experiments. The purpose of this experiment is to help Russian and foreign youths to develop microsatellites. Subsequently, the Chinese astronaut Boming Liu reported his unforgettable experience in his mission. After the report, the Chinese and Russian campers interacted with the astronauts on what they are interested in such as microsatellites.

In this activity, the Chinese and Russian teachers and students also attended ‘Launching Ceremony of 2018 Space Day of China’, ‘Science promotion for 2018 Space Day of China’, ‘Astronautics Youth Leadership Challenge Course’, ‘University Open Day for ASRTU Members--HIT’.

Through this activity, students learned about the latest development of the micro/nanosat, and enhanced the friendship with the teachers and students of the university of ASRTU.

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