Honeywell into Classroom——the Opening Ceremony of Enterprise Course was Held in SJTU


On March 2nd Friday afternoon, a special opening ceremony was held in SJTU Minhang Classroom. Nearly 200 graduate students from School of Aeronautics and Astronautics sit together to have their first lecture on "Good Engineering/ Engineering Design and Practice" by World famous company, Honeywell.


Scott Zhang, President of Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), Jimmy Rong, Marketing Director for Honeywell Aerospace - Asia Pacific, Joanna Zhang and Mr Wang from HTS Shanghai Center, Jiaojie Cheng,  Secretary of the SAA Party Committee, Genke Yang, associate dean of Graduate School, Xingqun Zhan, associate dean of SAA, Chao Qin, SAA Educational Office, attended the ceremony.

Prof Xingqun Zhan hosted the ceremony. He first reviewed the rapid cooperation process between HTS Shanghai and SAA in the past two years, such as summer intern for SAA undergraduates each year, joint research on GNSS integrity assessment for aviation, joint application for European Horizon 2020 program, joint training for Honeywell employee candidates.


Scott Zhang gave an enthusiastic speech to all the students before Jimmy's lecture. Scott got his Bachelor's degree from SJTU 30+ years ago. He sincerely wishes to contribute more to SJTU. When Scott had an internship during his Master degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Lllinois Institute of Technology, his former boss at Honeywell gave him a very useful advice to study Chemical Engineering before engaged in Honeywell. Engineering has a big difference with academics. A good engineer in industries shall be not only familiar with the specified knowledge and experiences, but also shall be awared with the fundamental knowledge from up and down streams.

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