Moscow Aviation Institute Delegation Visited SJTU


On the 4th and 5th of December, the Director of Advance Programs, Roman Klinovskiy from Moscow Aviation Institute, led a team of scholars for an academic visit at SJTU for two days. The Director of SJTU Global Affairs, Mr. Liangjin Mo, Secretary of the CPC School Committee of SJTU-SAA, Jiaojie Cheng, Associate Dean Shiqiang Hu, and Assistant to the Dean Wensheng Yu met guests at Minhang campus of SJTU.


Firstly, Mr. Liangjin Mo gave a warm welcome to guests. On the meeting, both parties reviewed the past friendly relations and cooperations, had deep discussions regarding the Master Degree Thesis, Practical Courses, Supervisors and other relevant topics and laid down the work plan for 2018. They both held similar views on academic research, and agreed that the paper for Master Degree should be highly connected to the current market demand of China and Russia’s aviation industry. It is also a requirement of the Advanced Program to cultivate international engineering talents.

Besides, both parties had several discussions regarding the Joint Syllabus of Dual Bachelor Degree Program, enrollment and admission procedures, R&D Research, Co-host International Conference in the meeting. Experts, scholars and professors of both schools had a face to face conference which promoted the advancement of the cooperative program. After the meeting, both parties signed the Minutes of Meeting Agreement.


On the night of 5th December, the delegation from Moscow Aviation Institute looked in the students of the SJTU-MAI Dual Master Degree Program. The delegation showed concern about their life in SJTU and encouraged them to study hard so that they will be able to contribute to the development of the aviation industry in China and Russia in the future.


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