Chief Designer of the LRWBCA Program Visited SJTU


Mr. Maxim Litvinov, Chief Designer of the LRWBCA Program and Mr. Fedor Shumskiy, Director of Program Management Office, CRAIC visited ShangHai JiaoTong University on the 23rd of November, 2017. The Vice-President of SJTU, Mr. Lifeng Xi, had a meeting with our guests at Minhang campus of SJTU.



Firstly, Mr. Xi Li Feng gave a warm welcome to guests. He then introduced the advancement of the Joint Education Program between SJTU and Moscow Aviation Institute, hoping that with the support of both China and Russia’s industrial circle, they will be able to explore new models on the cultivation of international engineering talents. Maxim Litvinov thanked Mr. Lifeng Xi for the meeting and he claimed that both SJTU and Moscow Aviation Institute had put effort in cultivating talents in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. He believed that aside from consolidating friendship ties between both universities and countries, this program also enhances the aviation industry and the development of the industrial circle in China and Russia. To prepare students for their future career, they will appoint experts of the regarding field to hold seminars in the university so that students will have an insight about the process of making an aircraft, which adds more professional technological features into the course.


Dr. Liangjin Mo, Director of SJTU Global Affairs, Ms Jun Xu, Director of International Partnerships of SJTU Global Affairs, Mr. Jiaojie Cheng, Secretary of the CPC School Committee of SJTU-SAA and Professor Xingqun Zhan, Associate Dean of SJTU-SAA attended the conference as well.


After the meeting, Mr. Maxim Litvinov did a brief report for the first batch of students of the SJTU-MAI Dual Master Degree Program by introducing the latest development of the LRWBCA program. He also encouraged them to put more effort in studying to become future elites in the aviation industry and the field of aeronautical engineering in China and Russia.

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