Distinguished Alumni

Yang Jiachi

Yang Jiachi was the founder of Atomic Bomb, Missile and Satellite, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Telecommunication of Electric Engineering Department in 1941; attained Master’s and Doctor’s degree from Harvard University in applied physics from 1947 to 1955. Yang was Director of research section and Vice Director of the Automation Institute Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences (CAS) since return to motherland in 1956, Vice Director Of Beijing Institute Of Control Engineering , Vice President Of Cast and Director Of Beijing Institute Of Control Engineering Institute since 1968, Consultant Of Science And Technology Commission Of The Ministry Of Aerospace Industry in 1991, Chief Designer of Shijian (Practice) Satellite Series; member of Chinese Academy Of Sciences And International Academy Of Astronautics; deputy to the third, fourth and fifth National People’s Congress; one of the four initiators of National 863 High-Tech Plan; engaged in the research and development of China’s automation and space technologies for a long time; participated in formulation of China’s space technology development plan; led and participated in system design and development of automatic control system in a variety kinds of satellites.

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