SAA Held the Signing Ceremony of Cooperation to Build Aerospace Desciplines between SAA and UMJI


On the morning of September 27th, SAA held the Signing Ceremony of Cooperation to build aerospace disciplines between SAA and UMJI in the hall of SAA ,in which the two college agree on the Cooperation in the Establishment of the academic Aerospace Science and Technology.Ma Dexiu,the secretary of Party committee of SJTU attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The signing ceremony presided over by Lin Zhongqin, the vice president.

On the signing ceremony, Jing Zhongliang, Executive Associate Dean of SAA , and Ni Jun, the Dean of UMJI expounded both houses of cooperation programs and initiatives. Then they signed the agreement.


Then, Secretary Ma gave a speech.


In accordance with the agreement signed by both parties, SAA should open the Aerospace research platform and provide the necessary office and research environment and employ the teachers about Aeronautic and Astronautic in UMJI . The steering committee should be established to build discipline, hire UMJI’S teachers to participate Professor of Aeronautic and Astronautic Committee and the Academic Degrees Committee.SAA needS to full use of advantages of UMJI depending on the aerospace disciplines, and is willing to make the aerospace Science and Technology a highland of talent .

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